About us


About us



We are a public entity in charge of financing small-sized and medium producers of forest goods and services, by procuring and managing national and international financial resources to support development of the forestry sector.



To be the leading entity at a national level with international visibility in designing, executing and consolidating promotion mechanisms aimed at development of forest-related activities.


 Región de Acordeón

Institution background

During the 1990s, Costa Rica experienced a change in the environmental area, with legislation favoring conservation and protection of natural resources, the creation of institutions that strengthen the sector, and a significant change in the way in which society perceives management, conservation and sustainable development of natural resources.


Global initiatives from the beginning and middle of that decade, such as the Río Summit and Declaration on Environment and Development, Agenda 21, international conventions on climate change, the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Convention on Action Against Desertification, the Kyoto Protocol, the Forestry Principles, and more recently, the Millennium Development Goals, and the Johannesburg Summit, have had an effect on the definition of the route the country has decided to follow.


Likewise, Costa Rica included the necessary legal provisions to safeguard the right of all its inhabitants to enjoy a healthy and balanced environment, several sub-regional agreements were ratified, such as the Regional Convention for the Management and Conservation of Forest Natural Ecosystems and the Development of Forest Plantations, and new laws were enacted, such as Forestry Law No. 7575, the Regulating Authority of Public Services Law, the Costa Rican Organic Environmental Law, the Law for Soil Conservation, and the Biodiversity Law, which together are the framework within which the PSA Program is implemented.

Institutional objectives

Forestry Law N° 7575, Article 46, creates the FONAFIFO, and establishes its objective in the following terms:


"ARTICLE 46.- Creation of the Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento Forestal: the Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento Forestal is created, whose objective shall be to finance, for the benefit of small-sized and medium producers, through credits or other promotion mechanisms, the management of forests, either intervened or not, forestation and reforestation processes, forest plantations, recovery of denuded areas, and technological changes to use and industrialize forest resources. It shall also procure financing for payment of environmental services provided by forests, forest plantations and other activities necessary to strengthen development of the natural resources sector, which shall be set forth in the Regulations of this Law.

The Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento Forestal shall have instrumental legal status; except when the cooperating parties or donors establish different conditions for the beneficiaries."


 Región de Acordeón

Institutional Strategic Objectives, 2012-2021 Institutional Strategic Plan

Financing forest producers through the consolidation and innovation of promotion mechanisms that contribute to conservation and production of forest goods and services.


Promoting sustainability of substantive programs offered by FONAFIFO, through a short-, medium- and long-term strategy which allows the attraction of financial resources from national and international sources.


Improving the provision of services offered by FONAFIFO to its customers, through integral technological change which provides capabilities for interaction, access and opportunity.

Principles and values

 Región de Acordeón

Institutional Principles

These are the guidelines for evaluating the behavior of members of the institution, and for the facilitation of decision-making.


Our principles are:


Ethics: the behavior of our collaborators must be guided by a framework of principles of honesty, integrity, transparency, justice, equity and respect for the Law.


Human talent: human talent is our main capital. For this reason we pledge to offer our collaborators development and growth opportunities, in an agreeable environment and with a fair salary.


Social responsibility: as representatives of the institution and responsible citizens, we will develop and support initiatives related to national well-being and that of Society as a whole, and support all environmental conservation efforts.


Institutional Values

FONAFIFO’s values are organized in three groups: pragmatic, ethical and developmental.


Pragmatic values: are those that indicate how we act; they are:


Planning: each and every action of our work team is aimed at fulfilling our goals and objectives, enabling us to work in a planned and orderly fashion.


Sustainability: each and every one of our programs must provide long-term benefits for the country; therefore, sustainability is a fundamental pillar for achieving our objectives.


Commitment: teamwork, loyalty and transparency are essential characteristics of our collaborators. This is our basic commitment to our institution.


Ethical values: are those that indicate how we feel, among them are:


Social commitment: by nature, our work team clearly understands that conservation and protection of the environment leads to better quality of life, and therefore pledges to orient the different programs of the organization towards achieving this social commitment on a daily basis.


Loyalty: our collaborators are loyal to their ethical and moral principles, and are therefore loyal to themselves, their co-workers, the organization and to the commitment FONAFIFO has with the country.


Honesty: the FONAFIFO work team is highly honest, which permits transparency in all their acts, and a just and equitable treatment for customers, providers and co-workers.


Development values: are those that allow us to evolve and grow:


Communication: for FONAFIFO and its work team, assertive communication is a challenge to be confronted every day; this communication takes place both inside and outside the organization, and transcends frontiers; for this reason there is a commitment to opportunity and quality.


Innovation: in this time of rapid change, FONAFIFO’s collaborators make efforts to create innovative products and services that not only fulfill our customer’s expectations, but go beyond them, achieving their recognition in the local and international market.


Team: teamwork is a fundamental pillar in FONAFIFO’s activities; this entails having a shared commitment to ideas, problems, values and goals, thus achieving better unity and balance for decision-making.


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