Agreements for financing the Environmental Services Payment Program (PSA)

Product: Enviromental Alliances


The National Fund for Forest Financing (FONAFIFO) is responsible for raising funds for the payment of environmental services (PES) provided by forests and forest plantations. Forest Law No. 7575 allows the establishment of agreements with companies that wish to compensate for the use of natural resources or contribute towards the protection of these resources. The Parties’ obligations are specified in the agreement.  

The agreements allow differentiated payments of PES to owners or owners of farms because of their social or economic vulnerability. The amount of the Agreement includes the payment of 100% of the PES and costs of implementing the additional commitments to the PES.

This mechanism has been used by organizations developing projects financed with international loans, as an instrument in conservation projects. It also serves to respond for environmental damage, and as a resource for the environmental commitment of companies or projects.

Interested parties can call 506-2545-3535, or write to mercadeo@fonafifo.go.cr or Carmen Roldán croldan@fonafifo.go.cr




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