Sustainable Investments


The Payment for Environmental Services (PES) is an example of the commitment of Costa Rica with the right to a healthy and ecologically balanced environment. The Program recognizes the protection of forest, biodiversity, water resources; the mitigation of greenhouse gases, and more.


It´s financed primarily with 3.5% of the fuel tax. However, money is not enough to meet the demand of owners who expect recognition for this protection. The Forestry Act 7575 and its Regulations authorizes Fonafifo to attract additional financial resources. In this way, the Development and Marketing Division offers various products to offset the environmental footprint and carbon footprint, and to conserve rich biodiversity of our country.


According to Law No. 7092, article 8, item q, duly verified donations that have been delivered during the respective tax period to the State, are deductible from gross income.


More details of the products and services offered:


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Ecological Seal



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Fonafifo’s Offsetting Units

Agreement for financing the Environmental Services Program (PES)



Clean Fly Program

Agreement to found Payment for Enviromental Services Program through Water use fees



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