"Living Forest"-Certificates


 Product: Living Forest Project


We offer projects to provide financial resources to communities and farm owners located in vulnerable areas with a low development index.

OSA Living Forest Project uses the Payment for Environmental Services financial instrument to allow companies to give recognition to those who voluntarily protect forest ecosystem goods and services for the benefit of society and productive processes.

  • A certificate with the corresponding information. This certificate is stored in an official registry..

  • A document describing the project supported by the DONATION.

  • Access to wildlife videos. Since 2016, the Projects Department use camera traps to observe terrestrial wildlife.

  • According to Law No. 7092, article 8, item q, duly verified donations that have been delivered during the respective tax period to the State, are deductible from gross income.


Minimal investment: US$800 for payment environmental services in 2 hectares of forest in farms located within biological corridors.

Account: Banco Nacional de Costa Rica

  • Colones: 100-01-000-215849-1
  • Dólares: 100-02-000-617813-1
  • Name of account: Fideicomiso 544-13 / Write: Bosque Vivo OSA

Send a copy of the deposit or transfer voucher, to the mail mercadeo@fonafifo.go.cr , for the preparation of the certificate. Indicate the name of the natural or legal person to whom the Certificate of Donation to the Environmental Services Payment Program should be made.

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