"Living Forest"-Certificates


 Living Forest: A Biodiversity-PES


The Rio 92 Summit recognized the market for environmental goods and services as one of the most appropriate strategies to achieve conservation and sustainable development objectives.

FONAFIFO commercializes "carbon credits" to offset GHG emissions, and in the face of an innovation of Payment for Environmental Service instrument, works on a "Biodiversity Certificates" Project, in which the environmental service provider must maintain specific ecological structures and functions.


Living Forest Osa

The differentiated payment of PES for Biodiversity began in 2013. Later, in OSA, the Division of Development and Commercialization, initiated a pilot to create the PES-Biodiversity concept.

Since June 2016, we install cameras trap to record the presence of fauna with populations that are threatened, rare or in danger of extinction. Based on species data a bonus is paid to farms with a PES contract with Fonafifo. This "plus" for the concept of biodiversity protection is provided by companies and citizens.

This project favors farm owners, who have a restriction on the use of the forest. It also contributes with the Biological Monitoring Program of the Osa Conservation Area, and we are coordinating with various organizations, including the Museum of Costa Rica to strengthen the monitoring and concretize the PES-Biodiversity model.


Participants to 2017 of Bosque Vivo:

ANC Car Rental, Toyota Rent a Car, Autos Corcobado, Centriz de Costa Rica, Green Motion International, FIFCO, Los Selectos del Futuro, Bufete Abogados, Grupo LACMA, Assuaire Travel.


Benedits for the Osa Living Forest Donor:

  • Compensation mechanism for projects or programs that have measured their environmental impacts.

  • According to Law No. 7092, article 8, subsection q, duly proven donations that have been delivered during the tax period to the State, are deductible from gross income. Fonafifo can issue an income certification.

  • The previous certification can be presented as an Environmental Contribution in contracting processes carried out by the public sector.

  • The donor of a minimum of ˘100,000.00 or US$200.00, receives a copy of the videos obtained with camera traps.

The Donation does not provide any right over the property of the farm where the PSA applies. The greater the donation, the greater the impact of hectares that can be covered with the "plus" payment to the PSA. A Certificate describing the donation made to the Bosque Vivo OSA account is delivered.

Account: Banco Nacional de Costa Rica

  • Colones: 100-01-000-215849-1, client account 15100010012158490
  • Dólares: 100-02-000-617813-1, customer account 15100010026178131
  • Name of account: Fideicomiso 544-13 / Write: Bosque Vivo OSA

Send a copy of the deposit or transfer voucher, to the mail mercadeo@fonafifo.go.cr , for the preparation of the certificate.

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