Costa Rican Offsetting Units (UCC)

Product: Costa Rican Offsetting Units (UCC)


Currently, we are the only institution recognized by the Country Program, to commercialize UCC. We sell units generated in projects that use contracts for Payment for Environmental Services reforestation activity. Our Projects are measurable, verifiable and reportable. We use methodologies covered in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). We carry out verification and biomass measurement visits.

Price: US$ 7.5 per ton of equivalent carbon dioxide.

Documentation provided:

  1. A non-transferable certificate.
  2. Project description supporting commercialization.
  3. Bill.

Purchase online (language Spanish):
We have security certificate for the use of credit card. Proof of purchase is issued: Calculadora de Carbono.

Transactions processed by Verified by Visa and Secure Code of Master Card. In addition, SSL Security Certificate paid by Fonafifo.

Purchase through Marketing Department (Phone: 506-25453535)
Any organization or individual interested in purchasing the Carbon offset can send a message with the amount of units they want to purchase to mercadeo@fonafifo.go.cr A professional of the Development and Marketing Department will contact you to assist in making the purchase.

Once the bank transfer has been made to the account in dollars to the National Bank of Costa Rica (BNCR) Number N100-02-000-619177-9, customer account 15100010026191775, a copy of the transfer is sent via e-mail.

Once the transfer is received, the Carbon Credits Purchase Certificate is prepared and officially signed. This Certificate is part of a record that shows the amount of units purchased and units available. We send you the Certificate and the Bill.



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