Water Fees

Agreement through Water Use Fee



All institutions that pay a water use fee (Decree No. 32868-MINAET) can sign agreements with FONAFIFO to fund the Payment for Environmental Services (PES) program in geographic areas of interest to them as set forth in Article 19 of the Decree. () In order to comply with the terms of this stipulation, interested public institutions or private companies must submit the corresponding request for payment to the Water Department every year in June. Payment shall be applicable during the subsequent period. A certificate issued by FONAFIFO indicating the agreed-upon annual amount and term of investment must be attached. Compliance with Article 14 of this Decree shall be necessary for approval.


The legal framework authorizes differentiated PES payments:

  • Agreement signed by the Parties.

  • Reports as set forth in the agreement.

  • As required by the Water Department, a document issued by the Accounting Department certifying payments made.

  • PES Program application platform; PES agreement supervision and control; investment traceability; and fulfilment of monitoring obligations set forth in the agreement.

Interested parties can call 506-2545-3535, or write to mercadeo@fonafifo.go.cr or Carmen Roldán croldan@fonafifo.go.cr




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