Creation Objectives

  • The Forest Law N ° 7575, in article 46 creates the FONAFIFO and establishes its objective in the following terms:

  • "ARTICLE 46.- Creation of the National Forestry Financing Fund.

    The National Forestry Financing Fund is created, whose objective will be to finance, for the benefit of small and medium producers, through credits or other mechanisms to promote forest management, intervened or not, the processes of afforestation, reforestation, forest nurseries, agroforestry systems, recovery of denuded areas and technological changes in the use and industrialization of forest resources.

    The National Fund for Forest Financing will have instrumental legal status; unless the cooperating person or donor establishes different conditions for the beneficiaries. "

Objectives of the Institutional Strategic Plan

  • Finance forestry producers through the consolidation and innovation of promotion mechanisms that contribute to the conservation and production of forest goods and services.
  •  To promote the sustainability of the substantive programs offered by Fonafifo, through a short, medium and long term strategy that allows the attraction of financial resources from national and international sources.
  •  Improve the provision of the services offered by Fonafifo to its customers, through a comprehensive technological change, which provides interaction, access and opportunity facilities.