Institutional Transparency Index

In this section you will find information related to the actions of the National Fund for Forest Financing (Fonafifo), both in its substantive programs and in the support areas. This information has been distributed in 10 axes with the objective of rendering accounts and guaranteeing the auditing bodies, international organizations and citizens in general access to information about Fonafifo. All the information that is available in open formats has been provided so that interested parties can manipulate it for different purposes.

This section has been built following good practices in transparency on government websites, members of the Inter-Institutional Transparency Network, social economy organizations, and even the private sector. The elaboration has been based on the Design Guide for transparent web portals and the Transparency Index of the Costa Rican Public Sector, documents prepared by the Ombudsman of the Republic of Costa Rica and the Center for Research and Training in Public Administration.

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Goods and expenses

In this section you will find a list of the facilities or real estate used by the National Fund for Forest Financing (Fonafifo) to provide their services. Also, there are the amounts of the monthly expenses of water, electricity, courier, among others.

Human Resources

The National Forestry Financing Fund (Fonafifo) is part of the Central Government of the Republic, so it works according to the Civil Service Regime. The classification of the positions is found in the technical instrument given by this governing body, called Class Manual.

Hierarchs and Decisions

The National Fund for Forest Financing (Fonafifo) has an organizational structure in which the highest level is the Board of Directors, which is composed of representatives of various directors.

Buying and Hiring

The National Fund for Forest Financing (Fonafifo) operates mainly with resources from the national budget. For the purchasing process, our institution uses the Integrated System of Public Procurement (SICOP), so all the necessary information is public access.

Institutional plans

Through Strategic Management, we intend to implement policies and strategies that, through the development of plans, programs, budgets and procedures, allow for the long-term promotion of the Costa Rican forestry sector.

In the National Forestry Financing Fund (Fonafifo) we seek, through our work, to innovate in the way of financing the small and medium producer of forest goods and services and in turn; improve the quality of people’s life.

Public budgets

The budget of the National Fund for Forest Financing (Fonafifo) comes mostly from 3.5% of the single tax on fuels. In this section you will find public information to demonstrate that our institution uses resources responsibly and in accordance with public regulations.

Institutional reports

In this section you will find information related to the management reports of the hierarchies or other officials, as well as those that are drawn up or contracted by the different areas that make up the National Fund for Forest Financing (Fonafifo).

Procedures and services

The National Forestry Financing Fund (Fonafifo) makes available to the public a wide variety of services according to the financing of small and medium producers of forest goods and services.

This section includes a brief description of each of the procedures that can be managed before our institution. In addition, the Fonafifo is part of the Procedures Simplification and Regulatory Improvement System so you can find more detail of the procedures on the website.

Citizen participation

The National Fund for Forest Financing (Fonafifo) has been characterized by opening contact spaces with citizens to facilitate their participation, an example of this is that since the formation of our Board of Directors has been incorporated representatives of various sectors of the social economy, in order to give greater representation to this. In this section you can find some of our virtual media through which citizens can approach our management and make any observation.

Open government data

For the National Forestry Financing Fund (Fonafifo) it is very important to have a relationship of transparency with the citizenship, so we have made an effort to make available all the institutional information of interest, in open data format so that its use is free and without restrictions.

In this section you can find the most relevant institutional information, which is available in open formats.