Forest Credit

The Forestry Credit Program of FONAFIFO provides a financing alternative for projects of small and medium producers of forest goods and services, under conditions of interest rates and terms appropriate to the country's forestry reality.

Finance Your Forestry Activity with the Credit Program

Annual and fixed rate during the entire period

Amount to finance up to ₡ 60,000,000

Interest rate
5% *
Phone Number: 2545-3515 Email:


Fonafifo by your side

Financing aimed at economic development and improvement of the quality of life of rural women.  Credits of up to ₡ 5,000,000.00 for productive development, working capital, infrastructure, purchase of equipment and innovative forest-related projects.   


Up to 10 years.   

Interest:  4% per year   

Warranty:  Fiduciary

Forestry Productive Development

Financing of the following activities: forest nurseries, forest plantations, establishment, management and use of plantations, wood processing of own forest plantations, establishment and management of agroforestry systems, activities for the protection of forests, forest management (management studies of forests and their execution), recovery of denuded areas, innovative projects that optimize the use of natural resources and other activities that promote the development of the forestry sector, investment in machinery, equipment, infrastructure, purchase of inputs, labor, in activities related to the above or others that by their condition can be assessed under this objective.


Conventional up to 20 years.

Revolutive Line of Credit from 1 to 5 years

Forest industry

Financing of the following activities: Activities related to the use, transportation, primary and secondary processing of wood and non-timber goods from forest ecosystems and their commercialization. Investment in machinery, equipment, infrastructure, purchase of inputs, raw materials and labor, among others referring to the Forest Industry.


Conventional up to 10 years.

Revolutive Line of Credit from 1 to 5 years

Promoting Development

Financing of the following activities: Infrastructure, equipment and working capital for small ecotourism ventures and other activities linked to the forest, but not necessarily related to wood.


Conventional up to 15 years.


Financing to those organizations that have a cooperation agreement with FONAFIFO, to act as a second-tier bank.</p> <p>The resources lent to the organizations will be used only to finance projects that fit into the Subprograms of Productive Development and Forest Industry, described in the present regulation.


Conventional up to 10 years.

Micro-Forest Credit

Microcredits up to a maximum amount of ₡ 1,500,000.00 for the different subprograms.


Conventional up to 3 years.

Interest rate



General Requirements

Download here credit application Form F-DFF-DGC-01

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Specific Requirements

Subprogram of Productive Development Subprogram of Organizations

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Forest Micro-Credit Requirements

Fast credits up to ₡ 1,500,000.00

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Forest Credit Statistics

The figure below shows the growth of credit directed to the forestry sector during the last 10 years. A total of ₡ 5,953 million have been placed during this period. There is also an increase in recent years caused by the creation of the Development Department.

Real estate selling

Finance the purchase of the property with the Forest Credit conditions. Consult the 2545-3518

Credit Regulation

Restrictions, not financed:

Purchase of third-party real estate.

Recast or cancellation of debts.

Purchase of vehicles for personal use.