Organization chart

The administration of FONAFIFO is carried out with the participation of a Board of Directors, composed of five members (two representatives from the private sector and three from the public sector); The appointment is for a period of 2 years. To carry out its actions at present, FONAFIFO has an organization chart that includes: the General Directorate and five subordinate directorates, namely: Environmental Services Division, Forestry Development Division, Environmental Services Development and Marketing Department, Legal Affairs Department and Administrative Financial Management. These addresses are broken down into Departments and Units, and we also have nine Regional Offices in order to promote functionality and effectiveness to the institution. The current administrative structure is represented in the following organizational chart, which was approved by the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications according to resolution MINAE R-536-2007 and was published in Gazette No. 13 of January 18, 2008.