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09 April, 2021

El Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento está rematando un vehículo Nissan Frontier XE, modelo 2019, con …

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Esencial Costa Rica

21 February, 2019

Fonafifo recibió el 21 de febrero de 2019, su Certificado de Licencia Corporativa Esencial Costa Ric…

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Acoustic sampling: the sounds of the forest

22 September, 2020

Fonafifo, with the technical support of ICOMVIS-UNA, starts collecting sounds of the forest on PES f…

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New research on the incidence and severity of trunk rot in melina plantations in Costa Rica

03 November, 2020

The Institute of Forest Research and Services of the National University (INISEFOR) and the National…

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